Connected schools,

happier families.

Blended provides a simple communication platform for schools to connect with

parents, teachers and students​.

Blended provides a simple communication platform for schools.

Meet the # 1 school communication platform in Latin America.

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Remember the kids are going on a field trip to Yosemite Park tomorrow.

St. John’s School // 6:04 pm

Thanks! Emma already packed her lunch.

James Dawson // 6:32 pm

The easiest way to build an
amazing school community.

Mobile Apps

The most efficient way to reach everyone
you need to reach.

All in One

All the tools your school needs,
in just one platform.

Fully Customizable

Hundreds of customizations so the platform
adjusts perfectly to your school.

SchoolFeed Design

Instantly share photos, videos and announcements. Just beautiful.

Full Control

See who’s read your messages
and who’s missing out.​ In real time.

Privacy and Security

A platform designed for the protection
and privacy of student​ information.

Boost your school with
state-of-the-art technology.

Keep your community informed, reduce complaints and improve the relationship between school and parents.

Optimize your school by managing everything from just one platform. All you need for teaching and learning in the same place.

Reduce stationary and paper costs drastically by digitalizing communications, grading and homework.

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